Transporting, brake lever rub from a neighboring bike or shuttling. Your bike takes a lot of abuse whether you're riding or traveling to/from a ride. Available in transparent matte finish, our Shenanigans™ provide legitimate protection for your handlebars, forks and cranks.

Shenanigans are pre-sized and include relief cuts to fit the most popular components. This kit is optimized for 35-36mm fork stanchions, 31.8-35mm carbon handlebars, and SRAM carbon crank arms. Trimming might be required for other components.

Note:  Shenanigans are intended for carbon components and might not adhere as well to alloy materials.

Shenanigans provide the following features:

  • Substantial scratch protection to guard against stray rocks, sticks, and inevitable transport abuse
  • Fast installation with no need to remove anything from handlebars (installation instructions included with every kit)
  • Pieces are pre-cut to size (but may require additional trimming for some components)
  • Lobster Tail Technology™ (LTT) relief cuts conform to curves
  • Wrinkle Avoidance Beans™ (WABs) prevent wrinkles around contours
  • Easy, bubble-free application (seriously -- we chose material with the best adhesive out there -- easily reposition pieces until you find the perfect fit)
  • Won't peel or yellow over time.
  • Kit contains six pieces (left fork, right fork, left handlebar, right handlebar, left crank, right crank)
  • Matte finish
  • Weigh less than 30 grams for a full kit
  • Designed and produced in the USA (in Golden, Colorado)

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